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Three Children's Homes Serving Ulster & Orange Counties

Our Children's Home Program and Purpose

St. John Bosco Child & Family Services is a non-profit agency providing safe and effective family-style living for children in a supervised setting. Upon admission, these children, who range in age from seven to twenty-one, are placed in our care. We provide a comfortable, clean home for kids while meeting all of their essential needs: medical, educational, social, physical, mental, and emotional. We work on reuniting the children with their families or facilitate other plans of permanency such as adoption or placement with relatives.

Caring for Children Throughout New York State

Up to six children can reside in each of our children's homes, of which there are three in the following locations:

• New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, Opened 2003 • Walden, Orange County, New York, Opened 2004 • Wallkill, Ulster County, New York, Opened 2006

These homes offer the children a stable home in a residential community and an opportunity to attend public schools where they can forge relationships with peers. Cultural, athletic, and social activities are a mainstay of our program, offering the children enlightenment, as well as fostering energy and interest in the world around them. Our hope is for each child to develop a sense of direction and the comfort of belonging.

Our Optional Independent Living Track

For youths whose goal is to live independently, our work begins early and intensely to help accelerate the process of gaining the skills they need to succeed. Through our independent living track, we assist youth with advancing their education, obtaining employment, budgeting, and self-care routines.

Social Skills & Goal Setting

The children are actively engaged in personal goal-setting at all levels and are given individualized strategies for emotional development, learning, and behavior management. Once successful techniques are in place, skills are generalized to school and community settings. Certified social workers are on staff to provide counseling to children and families as well as provide support to staff and school personnel.

Happy Family Sitting Together

Educational Goals

All children placed with Walden, New York-based St. John Bosco Child & Family Services must be able to benefit from the public school system. We place a high priority on education and provide intensive support in school and at home with in-house tutoring counselors. Our staff participates actively in the IEP process and communicates regularly with teachers. Children are encouraged to develop friendships with their schoolmates and plans are set to facilitate this process.