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It Takes a Community...

St. John Bosco Child & Family Services opened the doors to our first group home in the spring of 2003, with the goal of restoring the joy and vitality of youth to children, who because of their situations, have not been afforded this basic right of childhood. This is a difficult task and requires the cooperation and assistance of many different groups working together for the benefit of the children we serve. The community in which a group home is located can have a profound impact on an agency's ability to achieve this goal. St. John Bosco Child & Family Services is fortunate to have the support of the local communities in which our group homes are located. These communities routinely rise to the occasion in their interactions with our program, and our children have benefitted from it greatly.

...To Raise a Child

The holiday season is a difficult time for children in care, as the stress of not living at home is compounded during this time of the year. And during this difficult time, our local communities went the extra mile for our children. Walden Savings Bank, as they do every year, provided the girls in our group home in Walden, New York, with gift bags. The teachers at Highland Middle School once again conducted a cookie exchange and donated all of the cookies for our kids. Marianne Murray and her team at Carve for a Cause made a generous monetary donation, which enabled us to purchase and install generators at each of our homes in the event of an emergency. When combined with the efforts made by the local school districts and police, our communities have been hugely supportive.

...And a New House Manager

St. John Bosco Child & Family Services is pleased to announce the addition of Rolando Harris to the position of House Manager at our boys' home in Wallkill. Rolando comes to our agency with over nine years of experience in a group home setting. He also has five years of experience mentoring adolescent boys. He has set a tone of personal responsibility for the boys in our Wallkill home since his arrival.