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Our Nonprofit Funding Sources

St. John Bosco Child & Family Services is a registered member of the New York State Charities Bureau. Our primary source of funding is a per diem, per child rate annually established by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

The Bounty of Many Benefactors

Walden, New York-based St. John Bosco Child & Family Services accepts donations and is grateful to all of the kind donors of gifts and funds over the years. The generosity of our benefactors helps us to expand the programs that serve our children, enabling us to meet additional needs and provide activities that enrich their lives. We thank all past and future donors for the kindness and generosity that supports our mission and enhances, beyond measure, the joy brought to the children.

Mother Giving Her Daughter a Gift

Holiday Gift Giving

We have been profoundly moved by the kindness of our benefactors, particularly at holiday time. Holiday gift giving has enabled us to provide clothing and personal gifts of substance; provide trips and diversions that afford the children unique and memorable experiences, and provide ways for the children to spend the holidays with their families. These gifts also enable the staff and residents of St. John Bosco Child & Family Services to participate in a joyful holiday celebration together. It is at the annual holiday party where the children truly shine, acknowledging the staff that supports them, and providing entertainment through their "talent show."

How to Make a Cash Gift

If you are interested in donating to St. John Bosco, financial contributions may be made payable and sent to the following:

St. John Bosco CFS
P.O. Box 349
Wallkill, NY 12589

Cash donations are always acknowledged with a letter for tax exemption purposes.

About Gifts in Kind

St. John Bosco Child & Family Services appreciates donations of all kinds. We must, however, carefully consider donations of goods and services in advance to ensure they meet a need and are suitable for the program. Anyone interested in making donations in kind should first contact our finance department at (845) 256-8331 ext. 1. Goods and services donations are always acknowledged with a "Thank you" letter, but we regret that tax restrictions prohibit us from stating a cash value of these items.